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Hey, my name is Kristie and I am 43 years old living life in the Austin area.  My husband and I are college sweethearts from Baylor University and just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary this past March.  We have 15 year old boy/girl twins that are sophomores in high school and an 11 year old son who is beginning the journey of Middle School.  All of our kids are quite active so it keeps us on our toes year round. Our oldest son plays football in the fall, varsity lacrosse in the spring, and travel club lacrosse during the summer. Our daughter plays high school volleyball and is a lover of all things music. Our youngest is involved in golf, lacrosse, and water polo.  So there is never a dull moment in our household!!


Above everything else I am most passionate about my faith. God’s timing is precise and I love watching His timing play out with our family.  My husband and I, together, made a decision when we found out we were pregnant with twins that I would stay home until we felt our family was ready for me to venture back out into the world of work.  Then we were surprised with another child, so the stay at home mom venture played out longer than we both had originally anticipated. God knew exactly what we needed and He has provided everything and more for our family.  

As I approached my 40th birthday I felt a calling.  All of our kids were in school and time became a commodity again - so my husband and I prayed about what it was that I was supposed to do.  My husband encouraged me to take this opportunity to choose a career that could positively shape other lives.  I kept coming back to my love of working out and staying active.  So I set some goals.  I wanted to do the following:


  1. Get my certification as a personal trainer

  2. Get my Nutrition Specialist certification

  3. Compete in an all natural fitness competition after turning 40 (I wanted to prove to myself that I could actually do it)

  4. Get my Behavior Change Specialist certification (Currently working on)


Since then my husband and I have created space in our garage for training. I’ve expanded my offering to help people beyond just learning how to exercise but now I help them with their nutrition.  I help them learn how to grocery shop, how to read labels, how to make lasting behavior changes, how to understand what their bodies are telling them and how they’re reacting to things they consume.  I have researched hundreds of recipes, recreated many recipes with healthier ingredients and developed a line of yummy protein packed “treats”!  Indulging in delicious food with no guilt or packing on extra pounds.

I love sharing how to: 

  1. Meal prep on a budget with delicious whole foods the entire family will love 

  2. Breaking down the cost and savings of working out and implementing a healthy lifestyle

  3. How to clean out the pantry 

  4. Navigating social media in regards to fitness and nutrition

  5. Protein drinks and finding what is right for your body

  6.  Supplements / vitamins and how to get the majority of what we need through the foods we eat

  7. Understanding what macros are and how to create balance within our meals


Here’s the deal, there are thousands of talented, knowledgeable “Trainers” and “Chef’s” out there.  Which is great, because I was created to simply love people where I am.  People are searching, trying new fad’s of exercise or “diets” every day while trying to create healthy changes.  So, if I can make a difference in my family's life and the people that have been placed in my path… and share my passion and tips for regular weight training, cardio, whole food, and moderation in all things, that is a pretty good life. Consider this YOUR invitation to come along for the gift of working out and the joy to eat to feel better. May you enjoy this site as much as I do.  And, may your health voyage of exercise and nutrition never end.

One of my favorite quotes from Julia Childs, “You'll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.”  So here is to learning, loving the journey, and always growing stronger in our faith and passions! 


- Kristie

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