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De-Condition your Brain on Exercise

(Applies to those of us that go overboard on exercise and those of us that can't get motivated to start.)

My daughter and I have become "exercise buddies" since Covid began. We are different in most areas, such as our tastes in music, design, travel likes and dislikes, even fashion... but when it comes to "health and exercise" we have a ton in common, good and bad. Let's start with our positives. We are extremely disciplined, goal oriented, and self-starters. The not so positives, we are rigid with our schedule, we struggle to relax around food, and we can be un-yielding to ourselves. As a mom, these are not the traits I want to pass down to my daughter. As a Personal Trainer, these are not the traits I want to pass down to my clients.

It's a fine line, helping clients determine monthly, weekly, and daily regimens to hit personal goals in nutrition and fitness. Sometimes we get so focused on the numbers that don't matter... the scale, food amounts and calories, how much cardio to get in, how many days of weight training, the size of our pants. We find ourselves in a tangle of agitation. We end up feeling frustrated, insecure, stressed, and burdened, instead of relaxed, strong, energized, and accomplished.

Somehow we create this mythical unattainable standard, "if we blow our calories for the day." Or “if we don't work out a certain number of hours a week." Or maybe, "if we don't burn a specific number of calories during a given run", we've failed. We must re-wire our brain by "De-Conditioning" our thought process. And sever the lies... that are weighing us down!

"If I don't do an hour of cardio a day, it's not good enough."

"The endorphins put me in a better mood, so I have to workout every day."

"I'll feel terrible if I splurge on a special dinner or treat myself, esp. if I don't get my workout in."

"This isn't working, I am working out and I don't eat terrible, why does the scale keep creeping upward."

The older I get, the more knowledge I grasp, the more I recognize these lies and skewed thoughts and can recognize them in others. In order to break bad habits, we need truth spoken to us and tools to move forward. I highly recommend you find yourself a counselor (way outside of my Scope of Practice), a personal trainer that can help you sit down and write out healthy attainable goals, or a nutritionist that can help you navigate all the information and many times the misinformation out there regarding food.

A Few Fitness Myths:

- You have to workout everyday to reach your goals.

- In order to stay healthy you you need to join a gym.

- Diets or nutrition fads of any form will give lasting results.

- You can target your fat burn or spot train.

- Running beats walking.

- Lifting heavy weights bulks you up.

- More is better.

- Carbs and Fats are bad.

A Few Fitness Facts:

- There are 650 muscles in the body and the heart is the strongest muscle.

- 1 pound of muscle gained = 50 extra calories burned a day.

- Movement helps relieve stress.

- Endorphins released during exercise gives you that feel good energy because they are

released into your blood.... another reason to keep those blood vessles healthy.

- Rest is vital for a healthy lifestyle. It regulates your hormones and immune system,

rejuvinates your mind, repairs your muscles, and is linked to memory and focus.

- Cardio helps create new brain cells.

- Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

This last year my daughter has gifted me a new vision and renewed my love of health. She has created conversations that have been raw and honest. She has shown up and been an example of celebrating little daily victories which has inspired me personally as well as professionally, as I walk with each client in their unique fitness journey.

"Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding." Proverbs 3:13

Creating a healthy balanced lifestyle in finding sustainability with our exercise and nutrition is the standard to approach our health. The Ultimate goal is to find JOY where you are, to be thankful for our bodies. After all they were created in the image of God. Be grateful for the ability to move, regardless of how big or small that movement may be.

Peace and Grace,

Kristie and Karsyn

K2 Fit

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