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Encouragement In Exercise

"Do all things without grumbling or disputing." Philippians 2:14

I am not writing this to just my clients, who seem much happier to leave our workout than when they arrived. :) I am not saying, we can't be real and organic in our responses to situations and circumstances we find ourselves in. And, I am definitely not saying that what you are walking through does not give you the right to feel the stings of pain or give heed to what is happening at this moment in your life. What I am saying, if we are not careful we can become a "Grumble Monster" and our perception of the reality we are living can become mangled in nothing but negativity.

I am focusing on Exercise, regarding this topic. Not your marriage/significant other, not your parenting situation, not your job, not your bills, not your political affiliation... just exercise. Not that Philippians 2:14 cannot or should not apply to your relationships, however... I might suggest you seeking further deeper help if you find yourself on that road of life.

I believe it is little steps that evolve us into an "Encouraged Exerciser"! Whether you are a beginner or a fitness guru, we all need encouragement to stay the course. My mental health and my stomach are my two main reason's to continue with a sustainable healthy lifestyle. I am by my chemical make-up a high strung individual. I struggle with anxiety and nervous energy. So, daily exercise whether it is weight training and/or cardio helps immensely with calming me down and neutralizing my anxiety. Regarding my gut.... I DO NOT like, feeling bloated, or sluggish, so taking out the foods that cause that feeling and implementing foods that help with digestion is a major motivator for me to choose healthier foods on a regular basis. NOT to say, I don't indulge in Chips and Guac or some delicious dessert (which is why we created SmartSnacks... getting to indulge in all the yumminess without feeling yuck or guilt). Below you will find a list to help get your started or to help you continue you on your pathway.

Steps to be encouraged in your physical effort to sustain or improve your health:

  • Lighten up your goals

  • Delete the word guilt from your fitness and nutrition vocabulary

  • Grab a calendar and schedule your fitness week

  • Set out your workout clothes

  • Variety is key - try all forms of exercise to find what you love

  • Connect and surround yourself with fellow fitnesst-minded friends

  • Replace the scale with your journal and track how you feel and your progress

  • Visualize how great you will feel when you have completed your workout

  • Schedule one day a week to meal prep and try at least one new recipe

  • Add flavor to your water (lemons, limes, oranges, strawberries, cucumbers) and carry your water "jug" with you

  • Flexibility is your friend... both body flexibility and time management flexibility

  • Accept being perfectly IMPERFECT

  • Seek Help from a fitness trainer or nutritionist


Peace and Grace,


K2 Fit

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