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KITCHEN CEO: The Makeover

The Makeover

My kitchen is the nucleus of our home. It’s the hub of our house. The congregation spot for our friends and family. It represents a safe place that has been the center of many memories, smiles, and laughter. I want this space to be inviting to all that enter. I have three main objectives as CEO. Keep our kitchen clean and organized. Keep our kitchen stocked with healthy meals and snacks. And, keep our kitchen on a budget. My hope is to encourage and assist you in optimizing your kitchen and brighten your time in the center of your home.

Your Pantry: Clean Out - Throw Out - Organize

Your Refrigerator: Refresh

Budget: Just START

Pantry: Clean Out - Throw Out - Organize

  • How Often does this “Clean Out - Throw Out - Organize'' need to happen? Once a week. This will free up space, keep germs away, and help you know what needs to be added to the grocery list.

  • Where do you begin?

  1. Pull EVERYTHING out of your panty… EVERYTHING! Purge and trash all expired foods, empty packages/boxes, and crumbs.

  2. Any unused, unopened items that you and your family have not or will not use - DONATE!

  3. Wipe down and disinfect all shelves, sweep, and mop.

  • How is it best to arrange the Pantry?

  1. Arrange how best to accommodate you and your family.

  2. Dried Products (grains, beans, cereal, etc.)

  3. Canned Veggies / Fruit

  4. Condiments

  5. Spices

  6. Baking Ingredients

  7. Broths, Soups

  1. Purchase items to help organize:

  2. Spice Racks

  3. Lazy Susan

  4. Clear Containers/Dispensers

  5. Baskets

  6. Multi-tiered Shelving

  7. Sliding Drawers

Refrigerator: Refresh

  1. Pull EVERYTHING out, yes you heard me… Everything, just like the Pantry.

  2. Wipe down all surfaces

  3. Purchase a deodorizer to help eliminate strong unpleasant smells.

  4. Maximize your space, group like items together

  5. Clear File Organizers make storage for snacks

  6. Use a clear container to store items that are about to expire, so they can be eaten first.

  7. Drawers should be organized with lining on the bottom of the drawers to make cleaning simple.

  8. Dividers can be added to make all veggies and fruit grouped and organized.

  9. I love to designate each door section and label it.

Budget: Just Start

  1. Buy in Bulk

  2. Meal Prep yourself

  3. Take advantage of Sales and Markdowns

  4. Think… “What’s in Season”?

  5. Don’t purchase food items, your family just won’t eat

  6. Check expiration dates, “Best By” dates might help you save some $$$, just make sure the dates are far enough out for you to have time to enjoy.

  7. Coupons

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