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Spotlight: Cynthia Reed


Cynthia Reed

1. How do you feel being a trainer is making a difference in someone’s life? I believe trainers make a difference in some life by helping them believe in themselves. Many people are afraid of the gym, and afraid of not succeeding, so as their trainer you become their personal coach and cheerleader. Teaching them they are stronger (physically, emotionally and even spiritually) than they think. 2. Favorite part of training a client? My favorite part of training someone is the relationship that is built with each other and seeing them accomplish small milestones. 3. If you could change one thing about the fitness industry what would it be? Less competition with other trainers. The industry seems to be more concerned with sales and gaining clients than the best interest of the client and us working together for the greater good. 4. What is your Favorite exercise? I personally love squats and leg press. My LEGS. They are my strongest part of my body and biggest challenge, personally. 5. What is your go-to protein? Right now, I am liking Premier Protein 6. What is your best piece of advice, with so much information out there regarding “nutrition”? My best advice is not to follow the latest diet trends. We need an healthy amount of all food groups in order for our bodies to respond properly. Everything is not for everyone. 7. Let’s talk about supplements... what do you recommend? I personally only like to take supplements that promote good joint health. I've tried a variety of things and some have good results but can be harsh on the internal body. Best advice is to do research before making the financial supplement commitment. 8. How has fitness changed your view of the world and how you can impact your community in a positive way? With the current situation we are in (Covid-19) I've noticed a huge increase in people moving more. Just in my neighborhood I've seen families out walking, biking, running and more together. With more people having to be home with their families the kid afternoon walks have increased. It's a beautiful site to see. 9. How have you evolved your business beyond the gym? When Covid hit in March, my mother and I knew there would be a need of masks and protection from this invisible virus. We began making as many masks as we could for first responders in our community, people began donating to the cause and once our firefighters, EMTs, nurses, doctors were taken care of, we were able to focus on others in the community. People were hearing of us by “word of mouth” and then all the personalized masks became a thing. To date we have made and distributed over 1500 masks. Which then evolved into shirts and other items and my nbobdesigns was created. 10. How can people find out more information?

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